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Through the entire process of civil suit we will serve as a guided and helping hand to the litigation arsenal.  In a world of potential millions in settlement payouts, nuanced details can surmount the difference maker in taking the case to trial or settling through mediation or arbitration.  Our investigators can be useful as the buffer between you and the other side’s attorneys.  We provide our services for plaintiffs focused on the integrity of their suit and maximizing the degree to which those damages can be awarded.  We likewise provide our services to the defense attorneys focused on shielding the negligence affronting them and shifting the liability in denial of claims. Whether a corporate giant or a small business owner, being sued or filing counter suit, the scope of the investigation is tantamount to the outcome of the case.  Clients need to be adequately prepped for deposition and finite facts need to be unveiled long beforehand as an effort to confidently engage in cross examination response preparedness.  An expert investigator stipulates tort liability from reform misadvancement.  Our agents can distinguish defective designs, manufacturing flaws or inadequate warnings and instructions on a faulty product.  Moreover they can discern if a defect arose from a catalyst of which those otherwise flaws were not as overtly apparent.  Due diligence is employed by our agents to compile a conglomerate of plaintiffs properly vetted for prescription drug injury claims against big pharma.  An experienced private detective can unearth diligent research to expose existing independent studies detailing lack of compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sources can be just as pertinent for documenting improprieties with otherwise unfettered recalls.  Our background research teams will unveil Boolean searches and deep dive efforts to expose Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violations against large corporations poisoning their environments with production casualties.  These consultations could advise our clients to adjoin bellwether cases via multi district litigation or class action lawsuits accordingly.  It is obligatory of our investigators to document scenes, interview witnesses, take precise measurements, display defects in terrain (floor, roads, concrete, etc.) building structures, contributing hazards and safety mitigation means which are void of the scenario.  Additionally, our detectives will simulate the same day and time of incidental merit while duplicating all other possible nuanced factors of the accident.  Lighting, weather, glare and natural phenomena is set apart to the investigator as the objective outlier in the course of the claim process.  Employment investigations can debunk false sexual harassment & discrimination allegations.  We can unveil proof of undeterred substance abused and wrongful termination.  We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal council but we can provide thorough investigations which will assist our client’s personal decisions as they navigate the unscrupulous world of pro se civil suits. Our services will procure the bottom line for the attorney’s clients and provide an assuredness in your aptitude and culpability.  Every trial lawyer is a litigator, but not every litigator is a trial lawyer.  We provide council with peace of mind to litigants settling the score in and outside of the courtroom.

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