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Corporate & Industrial Espionage

We offer extensive investigations in the corporate world which require covert undercover diligence.  Debugging or counter electronic measure sweeps are tools useful in the hiring/firing process.  They can also be paramount to cause for litigation.  Your competitors may very well hire spies to infiltrate your organization as a new hire ruse.  They may likewise expose a suggestive component and compromise a valued partner within your firm.  Proving these suspicions can be the difference maker in your company’s reputation as well as assets.  Blackmail is used as leverage in an intricate web of espionage, which can make it difficult to trace its origin.  You need an experienced team of investigators well-versed in the area of undercover operations as a defense against these infiltrations.  We will serve as a transfer or new hire to reveal the rogue element within your ranks.  Finding an agent adept in covert operations along with eavesdropping device expertise is vital.  In the event that a more thorough threat assessment and risk analysis reveals malware and otherwise hacking, we refer you to our partners in cyber security defenses.  Your most cost efficient pre-emptive measure against these insidious softwares are utilizing VPN (Virtual Private Network), firewalls and encrypted channels.  Due to the GLB Modernization Act, pro active defense against industrial spies are amalgamous to CDP compliance regulations.  We would begin our investigation with a thorough security audit and identify rights of access codes germaine to employees, contractors, scientists, service providers, engineers, IT, etc.  Your company’s valuable trade secrets, recipes, product designs, intellectual property, chemical formulas, technical strategies, processes, plans, proprietary information, etc. are susceptible to clandestine targeting.  The Corporate Espionage Act serves to redirect legal parameters for a cost/benefit analysis.  In spite of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act bribery and non-disclosure breach of contracts are a commonplace scourge in the corporate and otherwise industrial arena.  These can be averted with future exports by placing trackers on their public forums and inventorying the detractors.  A mindful eye in recruiting and retention can prove to be just as invaluable in discovering new products, businesses, tactics, ethical issues, chain in commands and a slew of other viable revelations.  An effort of stringent resume, interviewing, reference checks and offer negotiations can refine the candidate qualifications while simultaneously cold reading your competitor’s interests.  Job postings, recruitment ads, videos & social media blogs can inadvertently reveal new products to your competitors, even if by way of insiders and new hires.  Intellectual property, financial information and client/customer data breaches are extraction methods sought by your adversaries.  These rogue elements can come from competitors and employees alike.  We offer consulting in competitive intelligence as well as counter espionage.  We educate our clients on the viability of their private personal information reaching public markets.  Mergers, acquisitions, new government regulations and social media reviews provide exploitable company intangibles leaked by third party dark web profiteers.  We will supplant undercover agents into a trade show to gather intelligence publicly made available, though not proficiently being capitalized.  Stolen trade secrets can signify vulnerability to an espionage onslaught.  It can jeopardize faith from your customers and undermine investor’s trust, plummeting stocks and losing shareholders.  We encourage our clients to regularly employ training material we can coach you on for proper maintenance in preventative action against internal theft.  Less technologically advanced methods of misappropriation in assets is far more common than cyber warfare.  This is why we implore our clients to undergo maximum camera proficiency in high traffic areas; and optimally focused digital forensic gathering in sensitively compromised access privy areas.  Call upon our services to provide your peace of mind and re-establish trust within your board meetings.
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