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If you are a public defender or court appointed private attorney assigned to defend your client optimally, you need a qualified private investigator. Our agents possess expertise in criminology, victimology and crime scene reconstruction. The state already has the advantage of unlimited resources. They have all the information which precedes the indictment provided in the discovery. You as the attorney are well armed to defend your client to the best of your expert ability provided by the evidence the state has provided for you, per People vs. Brady. But what about the evidence they never uncovered? The evidence that was never front loaded because it was never within their possession to begin with? You can only defend a client to the best of your ability if you are armed with the exculpatory evidence the state either inadvertently missed or intentionally scathed over. It is the defense investigator’s ethical responsibility as an extension of the attorney client Kovel privilege to provide the most optimal defense for that client. The client’s right to due process is the framework of the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution. Since the state has the advantage of pre-emptive judgment and implied guilt until proven innocent, it is incumbent of the investigator to utilize the advantage of hindsight to uncover reasonable doubt. Our gumshoes hit the pavement to establish an alibi or reveal a mistaken identity, and even piece the puzzle together to expose a case of self defense.

Private Investigators for Criminal Defense

These investigative findings could exonerate your wrongfully accused client or serve as a grounds for mitigation and plea agreement with the prosecution. We assemble our research teams and conduct stationary and mobile surveillance to go above and beyond the call to bring the truth to light. Our investigators employ the Wicklander-Zulawski technique in our interviewing the defendant, victim and witnesses. Cognitive and kinesic methodological tactics are utilized by our agents to expose incredulity in the aforementioned statements, enabling impeachment of their testimony. They are likewise able to dissect a statement that reveals being lead by suggestion from law enforcement. Furthermore, we offer fully detailed vetting of states experts to substantiate the veracity of their claims by the Daubert standard. High profile cases may even call into questioning of runaway juries whereby we as well offer proactive stringent vetting. We also work directly for the accused in cases of indigent defense whereby the judge will not consent to additional investigative services for the court appointed council. We hold firm to our convictions that money or lack thereof should not be the contingency to one’s freedom. Certain criteria cases we will work pro bono, whether for the attorney or the private citizen.
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