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An experienced investigator is a necessary mediary in bridging the inter dependency between the medico legal death investigation system and the criminal justice system.  Our investigators can supply the attentive eye for subrogation when competing parties are set on shifting liability.  In the process of undergoing a civil investigation, our keenly observational agents can serve as the objective ally to open up a homicide investigation.  The first step in this process is the determination of the manner of death.  The classes are accidental, homicidal, suicidal, natural, and undetermined.  Unnatural and unexplainable deaths include unintended injuries and drugs or toxic exposures.  Thereafter, the post mortem is performed by the medical examiner and a forensic pathologist will conduct an investigation into the cause of death.  The cause of death can be determined without a manner, particularly in cases of suspicious or unattended deaths.  There are many moving parts which can be overlooked or suppressed for a variety of ulterior motivations.  We work with experts in particular areas of accidental deaths to help determine the causality.  These types amass arson investigators, drowning investigators, and otherwise accidental death investigators who have a history of working as independent agents in insurance cases.  Their years of expert consulting has prepared them for catching something initially missed by a coroner who is not medically trained in ancillary forensic sciences; some of these sciences include: anthropology, odontology, toxicology, archaeology, and various speciality forensics.

How Private Detectives Uncover The Facts

Death investigators can assist and support the coroner and/or medical examiner in processing the scene, evidence, external body exam, internal autopsy and fluids & tissues test.  They are certified to recognize the nuanced variables distinguishing a previously labeled manner of death from a staged homicide.  It is moreover useful to consult with an expert death investigator when the manner of death is undetermined.  Furthermore, a preliminary law enforcement responder could turn the case over to secondary responders and never once follow-up on possible leads reaching the detective division.  This hinders a conclusive finding without prejudicing an investigation.  The result renders the case to be decided amongst the insurance companies, lawyers, and the families waging suit for an insurance claim.  Our skillfully trained death investigators can offer support to the American Medical Association, the Center for Disease Control, the Attorney General and the Office of Inspector General.  They consult with forensic pathologists in cold cases accounted for as natural or otherwise undetermined in manner of death due to obscured trace DNA sequences.  We offer consultation to these areas of medical science along with our contracting to private clients and attorneys.  Our agents prove vital in preventable preparations with public health and environmental concerns.  Surveillance is a key component in epidemiology as an effort to scale distribution and deductive response planning for determinants.  Representation of our support specialists can provide closure for families and resolve for corporations akin to a pursuit of justice.

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