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Executive Private Security and Detail Protection in Chicago Illinois

We offer a variety of privatized security detail throughout the greater Chicagoland area.  Our investigators have a storied history of rapport with noteworthy restaurants, nightclubs, sports and concert venues in the second city.  We offer a unique perspective and balance to customer service complementing bodyguard services.  Our agents maintain developmental training skills offered via military and law enforcement centered frameworks.  We provide luxury vehicle escort with armed security to and from any location.  The client is transferred to an unarmed liaison at the point of restricted firearms zone.  We cover the drop-off area based upon the risk and threat assessment involving the client’s profile.  We may require additional guarding from alternate vantage points contingent on the request and scenario.  While partaking in festivities our clients are closely monitored without self-awareness and their admirers never know the difference.  Our presence is subtle enough to invite the right kind of fans while formidable enough to ward off the wrong kind.  We are well versed with years of experience adept to the social lexicon and behavior of our client’s peers.  We have the foresight to discern a nuisance from a welcome wilder.  We understand the value of our client’s fame is the core foundation of their identity with their fanbase.  We also buffer the bearer of bad news gently when the unwanted attention proves to save face for our clients.  We would never want to forsake that relationship while protecting their safety and keeping their minds at ease to enjoy their night out.  Our partners in the entertainment industry make our clients their top priority, whether they prefer the limelight or seclusion.  Whatever your preference, you will feel appreciated and prioritized.  Whether overt or aloof, you will feel more than valued as a return v.i.p. guest.  Request our agents for an incognito guardianship and an event full of customer service etiquette of the utmost hospitality.

If you are person visiting Chicago for business or pleasure and need our executive private security please call us and discuss your needs.  Let our experience work for you.  We are able to in most cases put together a top notch private security detail in Chicago within 48 hours but prefer more time to ensure your needs are fulfilled.   When you need armed security or just looking for a security detail presence while in Chicago, we have plans that can cater to your needs.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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