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While family preservation is important, ultimately the rights and welfare of the child supersede all else.  These investigations can involve an ad litem and may act as a liaison to the investigation.  We work with the aforementioned, directly for the attorney or hand in hand with the parent and/or legal guardian.  Establishing whether or not drugs and alcohol abuse are present in the home is a key point of revelatory alarm.  Even proving whether the child has some sort of regular exposure to this substance abuse outside of the home is cause for removal and displacement every parent should be aware and protective of.  Our investigators work scrupulously to unveil if the child has been a victim of sexual or physical abuse.  We work with especially trained investigators who are experts at detecting if the child has been exposed to potential risks of trafficking and other nefarious racketeering areas of concern the court needs to be aware of. These deciding factors are a means of adequately substantiating the best interests of the child.  Our investigators are well versed in identifying these markers of at risk children when even competing custodial adversaries will go to great lengths to conceal.  That is why we stress the emphasis that our investigators are not allegiant to any one particular party in these cases. 

What Our Private Detectives Can Do For Your Child Custody Case

We are hired only to piece together the potential clues of abuse and neglect subjected to the child in question.  We report these findings whether they help or hurt either parental party.  We pride ourselves as set apart in the industry by this standard and we exemplify it unabashed in our testimony at court.  The transparency of this unbiased approach is what the child’s advocate is lacking through many other sources which have previously failed them.  Our investigators are not allegiant to either party, this objectivity can often discern an aspersion of neglect.  We work with D.C.F.S. and non-profit child welfare and family preservation organizations.  Domestic traumas can oftentimes be one of the easiest aspersions to cast and one of the hardest to disprove.  A proficient and meticulous investigator is necessary to get to the bottom of the accusations and help to see fit that none of the hearsay nor naysay are admitted into testimony at court.  Request our expert analysis if you feel confident our findings will help you vindicate false allegations of abuse or neglect in the same likewise manner.  Our investigators are highly skilled in detecting coerced revelations of said mistreatments.  Children can sadly be all too often used as pawns in custodial hearings.  Our investigative team will steadfastly work with care and compassion to bring just the facts into the courtroom.  We can furthermore help to establish grounds for counterclaims against the party responsible for said coercing of the child.  Call upon our services and put the child first.

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