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These areas of insurance fraud are usually ployed by the employee but can also be expressed by the employer and even provider.  The propensity of employee claims can be contingent on the work type environments in and of itself.  While a labor job may provide more opportunity for injury it can also be an assumed risk.  Contrast this with an office job where labor risk is minimal.  The nature of the job being contracted, full-time or temporary could have an effect on the veracity of the claim.  Warning signs are bountiful.  They may have been exacerbated by a pre-existing or congenital condition.  These may be injured off the job and exaggerated the next day at work.  They could even indeed have been over extended on their payouts per term as a result of malingering.  No witnesses to the accident are fairly overt warning sign to consult our services.  Especially if the injury occurs on the cusp of a foreseeable contract termination.  If you are an employer and notice a delayed report of the alleged injury you may want to make an adjuster aware of the circumstances.  If the adjuster notes a refusal of treatment for this purported injury you may need to hire an experienced work comp investigator to verify the findings of the claim.  The investigation can become conflated amidst conflicting diagnoses which could inevitably embolden the claimant.  Other red flags in conjunction, though not necessarily as a stand alone, include a high job turnover rate, a p.o. box as their main address and evasive contact with the claimant on an injury leave. Thorough background checks will be undergone to ascertain employment and medical history of the claimant.  An investigator should be prepared with better knowledge of the claimant’s history, especially if such vetting reveals prior claims.  A wage statement for calculating indemnity and complete file on OSHA, incidental and police reports can all be useful tools for the work comp investigator.  Our investigative agents will conduct interviews with interrelated coworkers, family and friends to conclude the nuanced details of the injury.  This dialogue may deduce the injured worker was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.  If the injury was self inflicted or if the injury transpired outside the scope of practice, it will be denied.  The intricacies involved in these examples can be a cause for subrogation.  Employers can be just as damaging to the authenticity of workers’ compensation insurance fraud.  Warning signs such as under reporting of employees and misclassifying of employees are overt indications of a fraudulent claim.  Cash wages can also be an indicator of deceptive practice.  Premiums increase for employers with the increase of work comp insurance injury claims and this raises the company costs for goods and services.  Bonuses and benefits can also become compromised or cut as a means to even the keel.  This can account for a vicious cycle.  A keen eye of investigation can detect a reactionary development of subsequent employee/employer claims.
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