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Learn how a private detective can help with wrongful convictions in Chicago

Jordan A. Scherer Private Detective has set out not only to free, but to vindicate tarnished reputations and redeem the tattered spirits of those men and women whose only real crime was an unfortunate circumstance. Incompetent investigations, ineffective defense, malicious prosecution and spiteful retribution are scourges rifely embedded within the fabric of our system. These disenfranchised individuals have been preyed upon by coerced confessions under emotional duress, bogus expert testimonies, tainted evidence and witness tampering. Moreover, financial burdens, familial bereavement and sociocultural disenchantment facilitate their ill-gotten plea agreements and serve as a circumvention to their right to due process. Impunity of government officials for these miscarriages of justice is a perversion to the jurisprudence our great Constitution was founded upon. Even in the event of unintended misfortune, the investment in which the state places its absolute trust in various sciences for these convictions is a complete fallacy. Odontology, toxicology, entomology, dermatoglyphic (ACE-V fingerprinting methodology), blood spatter analysis, video/digital documentation, blood canines, tool mark analysis, hair microscopy (Medullary Index), and footprints are much more subjective than the prosecution would have you believe. The truth is, they are not proof positive identifiers. Rather, they are tools to be used cautiously and impartially by the detective & prosecutor per double-blind expert advisory; they must be interpreted as such by the judge and ultimately by way of instructing the jury. Just as polygraph examination and voice stress analyzer results being long since ruled inadmissible in court does not negate their invaluable usage. They can serve as corroborative evidence in a circumstantial case who’s results can indicate a possible confession. They are merely useless as a stand alone. These trace evidence forensics remain questionable and deserving of scrutinizing skepticism of unbiased standards. They should be assessed in the context of a totality of facts involved in the investigation. If you feel that you or a loved one have been wronged by the system, call upon our services and we will fight to prove your innocence. Private Investigator Scherer envisions himself as a crusader against a tyrannical juggernaut, with only the truth as his shield and justice as his sword.

Wrongful Conviction Private Investigations

Chicago residents you can count on our professional approach to private investigations related to wrongful convictions.  We may be able to help you with our experience as well as our network of valuable resources.  Contact our private detective agency today and have a free consultation.  Let us help you see why experience matters when it comes to uncovering the truth.


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