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Fraud is on the rise in the digital age.  Identity theft measures are compounded by synthetic identity theft or ghosting.  This is undergone by the use of credit profile/privacy numbers (CPN’s) or actual SSN’s which do not match the person’s name.  Institutional or business types amass telemarketing, mail, credit card and other commonly understood forms.  They can come in the crude aspects of theft by deception or services not rendered.  Checks, invoices and credit card statements are taken advantage by poor customer relationship management.  White Collar equivalents involve asset misappropriation, skimming, payroll, wage statement or earnings misrepresentation.  More developed frauds in the financial world are a form of embezzlement or laundering.  Be it subterfuge larceny or bribery, quid pro quos can be masked with blackmail as leverage.   Isolated types such as tax evasion forfeiture, advanced fee schemes and mortgage lending misstatements hide in plain sight amiss blatant FICA violations.  Cases of integral conspiracies such as mass marketing manipulation of metrics, gray diversion and procurement are more painstaking in their unraveling.  Controls departments in accounting firms may be culpable if forcing the books to reconcile.  You may need to consult with our external auditing partners adept in various skill sets by the ACFE & AICPA such as forensic accounting, quantitative analytics and e-discovery.  The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and The Bank Secrecy Act inceptions serve as a means to protect against potential third party threats through these aforementioned channels.  A reputation risk assessment response plan would be our first step in proactively mitigating damages and taking preventative measures.  A stress test of internal defenses and controls within the information security management system against various frauds is vital proactive inventory in this process.  Regulatory self reporting, internal compliance and human resources adjunct to enterprise risk management and loss exposure inspections should be capitalized as maintenance.  We advise creating entity charts and establishing whistle-blower channels hotlines.  Legal violations against the FCPA, OFAC and otherwise SDN sanctions require the retainer of well versed agents of investigation.  Our agents can offer assistance to the IRS, USPS Inspections and the Treasury Department in ongoing federal financial investigations.  If you suspect a detection of fraud which does not appear to be garnering the attention of law enforcement, call upon our services to defunct the nefarious element.

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