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Since tort reform went into effect, medical malfeasance has been steadily becoming an increasing travesty demanding a need for diligent investigations.  The cap on lawsuits exposed abusive practitioners’ misuse of treatment plans.  Wanton doctors became emboldened by the failure for average attorneys inclination to litigate the AMA and their unlimited resources as a result of these limited payouts.  It takes an attentive eye for investigative detail to determine the validity of a claim.  Third party insurance providers are reluctant to accept accountability due to vested interests in the defendants.  Our responsibility to our clients is discerning non-maleficence from falling below the standard of care.  Deep dive background checks are undergone to uncover evidence of past claims being filed against particular individuals and organizations.  A defendant’s bio, patients, qualifications, education, training and experience must be stringently vetted.  This can help to further establish veracity not only to an individual claim but also to accrue plaintiffs as a cause for class action.  Restrictions on covered benefits should coincide with managed care methods to regulate a balanced system of treatment while factoring risks.  No fault payouts incentivize medical institutions to form contractural agreements reducing volatility in liability cost management, correllating quality care.  The first step in litigation is gathering a full spectrum Medline or other database check of the client’s patient history pertaining to medical records and hospital charts.  Discovering a pro plaintiff physician witness to testify against their fellow colleagues requires a specialized investigator.  They must testify to negligence and causation on the part of the defendant in order for it to be deemed a meritorious claim.  Iatrogenesis, or misdiagnosis, is the most commonly occurring medical error.  Differential diagnosis is a systematic ruling out process which must be undergone by the doctor to adequately disprove such claims.  Our experienced detectives will unearth erroneous misprescribed/overprescribed medications and adverse drug interactions.  Neglect of the wellbeing, physical, emotional and psychological abuse inflicted upon elderly by healthcare providers is an often arduous accusation to prove.  Financial exploitation, padding the bill and other fraudulent actions are commonplace.  Improper coding, billing for services not rendered, unnecessary and excessive services, and testing without legitimate reasoning or proper explanation require diligent scrutiny.   Inadequate safety and security precautions to guard protected health information and other HIPAA violations are evidentiary of negligent practice.  Our investigators can unravel the underlying cause of avoidable infection or additional health complications and injurious exacerbations as a direct result from surgery.  Call upon our experienced detectives to unearth the tentative details necessary to prove a claim and get justice for you or your loved one now.

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