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When a family is dealing with a missing persons case they may need additional help, we offer top experts for missing persons private investigations in Chicago Illinois and throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

If you have reported your loved one missing, you should be aware of a new law recently passed in Congress that will be coming into fruition under the DOJ soon.  The Ashanti Alert gets its namesake after a victim of homicide; this victim could have been saved if law enforcement had prioritized her disappearance as an imminent and grave emergency.  Her mother fought valiantly for this bill to do justice by her daughter and potentially save the lives of others in similar scenarios.  Its name is also influenced by its counterpart, Amber Alert, which is rendered for the recovery of children up to age 17.  The Ashanti Alert was founded to give similar priority to missing adults.  We take any case fitting the Ashanti Alert criteria, Pro Bono.  These criteria can be verified through the Ashanti Alert Communications Network.  We will fight for you to put forth the potential documentation eligible to deem your loved ones missing status as urgent.  If they fit within this demographic of imminent danger, lifestyle, etc. we can then vie for the Ashanti Alert Coordinator in your area to implement your loved one into the network.  This can vastly improve the expediency and the odds at a successful recovery of your loved one before a possible worst case scenario.  Let your greatest fears be our burden as we fight to reclassify the categorization of your missing loved one.  Once they are within the Ashanti Alert Communications Network, our team has partnered with database analysts who specialize in creating algorithms that can link missing persons within the database network.  This is based on victimological correlations which are key to averting linkage blindness across jurisdictional agencies.  This trail could provide the M.O. of the abductor by way of aligning similar victim profiles, especially within close proximity.  This systematic approach can mean the difference in safely bringing your loved one home.  It could also mean a direct signature identifier to the perpetrator or possible trafficking ring involved.  This algorithmic correlation can be the missing link to other missing victims within the Ashanti Alert Communications Network.  Our investigators can coalesce the details in matching leads with various missing persons network databases.  Ultimately your hiring of our services could mean bringing perpetrators to justice in cold case homicides and missing persons cases alike.

Private Investigator for Missing Persons (People) in Chicago IL

If you have a missing person in your family that you need assistance with we would like to be the help you seek. Let our experience work for you. Discuss what you know about your missing person case with one of our private detectives. We primarily take missing person cases in Chicago Illinois but do expand our services throughout the Midwest. We put quality and communication above all else contact our private detectives Chicago Illinois.


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