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The top licensed private detectives for residents, business, or lawyers in Aurora Illinois. Let our team of private investigators in Aurora help you find the missing information you have been looking for. Whether it is a detailed investigation for a law firm or a missing persons case, we have the experience you have been looking for. Our private detectives in Aurora Illinois have experience in child custody, infidelity, missing persons, workman’s com, corporate fraud, as well as unusual death investigations. In addition to this our team is well trained to help any defense attorneys with criminal defense investigations including but not limited to overnight surveillance.

When you hire our private detectives for any investigation in Aurora Illinois we will travel throughout Illinois whenever surveillance is needed. We also have a network of private investigators we work with in a multi-state effort for any cases that go beyond the boarders of Illinois. Our staff is well trained and versed in the most advance technologies necessary to help our clients. R A Private Investigations & Security Aurora Illinois can also provide you with a free consultation in order to gather enough information from you to determine if we can assist you. During this consultation we can help you understand the expected costs involved in your case and timeframes we can agree on.

Private Detective Services Aurora Illinois

We make discussing your case with our private detectives in Aurora Illinois as convenient as possible. We provide onsite meetings, virtual zoom meetings, or phone consultations. If requested our staff will meet with a perspective client as a office or public meeting place. Whether you are a law firm, corporation, or family member seeking the truth; we have programs that can fit your needs and budgets. Speak freely with our staff about your needs and wants and let us try to come up with a package to accommodate you.

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